2012 28/12

Simplifying Online Shopping with V.me

With the New Year quickly approaching, have you given any thoughts to the goals or resolutions you will set? Me? I’m not much for the New Years Resolutions thing. Sure, I have certain things I’d love to see myself do or not do in the New Year. But I know better than to put the […]

2012 10/12

Kids, Money, and the Holidays

Every year I know that Abbi will receive at least one card on her birthday. It will come in the mail, addressed to her. It comes from my grandma, her great-grandma, and it comes without fail. The card itself would be enough for Abbi. Mom! It’s sent to me!!! I got mail!!! But the card always […]

2011 23/08

Streamlining your offline business online

Being a mom who runs her business from home (hint: my business is writing and consulting), I’m constantly looking for ways to streamline the business side of life in an effort to balance work and family. Like most novice jugglers, I don’t always do such a great job keeping everything running smoothly and a ball […]

2011 29/04

What I’m reading {April 30}

The day has finally arrived…after today a new princess has been ‘born’ and the news can go back to reporting on more (or less) interesting things.  Like Lindsay Lohan or Donald Trump.  If you were hanging on every Royal Wedding word and are now in withdraws or if you didn’t really care much about the […]

2011 11/04

Spring Cleaning the finances

Naturally, the first thing one thinks of when you mention “Spring Cleaning” is the actual physical cleaning and organizing of your house, garage, or yard.  But Spring is also a great time to ‘clean-out’ and reorganize your finances!  Think about it…it’s this short break between all that Christmas shopping and the upcoming expenses of Summer […]

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