2012 23/08

She’s a writer

Now that Abbi can spell {for the most part} and create complete sentences {for the most part}, she has developed a love of writing books. And I am so incredibly smitten by this! When we have a baby, we begin to day dream about what they might be like. What things they might like to […]

2012 03/08

Watch out, Broadway!

I was pretty disappointed when the ballet/tap camp that I signed the girls up for earlier this Summer got cancelled. But not disappointed enough to really look for an alternative. Then they had such a great time with their Princess Science Camp that I thought I should maybe find one more little day camp for […]

2012 05/07

My 6 year old Saved My Birthday

Birthdays are a funny thing when you get older. Some people welcome them, hoping this next year will be better than the current, while others dread them, not wanting to think about being another year older. Regardless of the welcome, they often seem to come and go without much t0-do. Just another day. Another day […]

2012 07/06

Ready for First Grade

When I looked at the picture of Zoe at the beginning of Preschool next to the picture of her on her last day, I didn’t see too much of a difference. Physically, at least. She still has that same look about her. Abbi, on the other hand, looks like she’s changed a ton!

2011 01/12

Turning six

Twenty-four hours ago she wasn’t so sure about turning six. Neither was I. But tonight, she convinced me that six is ok.

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