2012 17/01

She’s testing me

Me: Abbi, please go wash your hands and face if you’re done eating. Her: Ok. Bathroom door shuts. Thirty seconds later, the door opens and she strolls out. Me: Abbi, did you wash your hands and face? Her: Yup!

2011 28/06

Needing Adult Conversation

Conversation with the 5 year old… Abbi: Mom, what time will Bri be here? Me: 9:30. Abbi: When will it be nine thirty? Me: Well, go look at the clock and tell me what numbers you see.

2010 21/09

Mommy Confessions: I’m no Rachael Ray

It’s 5pm. Our normal routine begins. I grab the phone to text my husband… me: Any ideas on dinner tonight? him: Not sure. What are you thinkin? me: I don’t know. Anything you’re craving? (this is where we throw out ideas to each other until something sounds good — that I also have all the […]

2010 16/08

Mommy Confessions: Food Boycott

It’s no secret:  my youngest child is my challenge!  And when it comes to food, oh boy does she like to make that challenge unbearable!  I’m not sure if it’s her age (2 years old) or if it’s just her personality, but every single meal lately has been a battle. It doesn’t matter what meal […]

2010 13/05

Mommy Confessions: Potty Training

Ah yes, potty training.  Every parent has to go through it but how we go through it completely independent upon the parent, the child, and the circumstances at that particular time.  It amazes me how different it was to potty train my oldest in comparison to my youngest.  So, I’m wondering….what are your potty training […]

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