2012 09/03

Formula feeding does not make me a failure.

Guess what…I am officially fed up feeling like a failure. Done. I gave birth to three beautiful, smart, and healthy babies over the past six years. And none of them were breastfed for more than a few months. Actually, none of them were technically breastfed. My first born received breast milk that I pumped for […]

2011 12/10

Our last baby

For all practical purposes, we are done having babies. Yes, I know that things can happen. I’ve heard the stories about your friend’s neighbor’s sister who got pregnant 10 years after they ‘thought’ they were done. But it would take an act of God or a big mistake on the urologist’s part for us to get […]

2011 13/09

Tummy Time Fun

I feel very lucky that, through all three kids, we never had a problem with Tummy Time. All three of my kids actually liked Tummy Time. But I realize this is not always the case! I’ve heard the horror stories. It then becomes a catch-22. Baby hates it and cries the whole time but you […]

2011 21/05

What I’m Reading {May 21}

While I’m learning and networking with some oh-so-fabulous women this weekend at Gleek Retreat, check out some of these great posts…

2011 13/05

Yes, Talon, I can hear you. 2000ft away and I can still hear you!

When we found out I was pregnant with Talon (wow, it’s been almost a year since I took that test), I was so thankful we kept all of our baby stuff from the girls.  Most of our baby stuff was in pretty good shape and could certainly handle going through one more kid. That is, […]

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