2011 28/02

The Modern Day Stork – The UPS Store {giveaway}

Have you ever wondered where the story or myth of the stork delivering babies came from? It seems like an odd little thing — a big white bird delivering babies. It seems there are a few different versions of how this little legend came about. One popular tale stems from the notion that the souls […]

2011 10/02

Virtual Baby Shower Winners!

Wow! I can’t believe the “Ready for Baby” Virtual Baby Shower has come to a close and, at the same time, I’m excited because that means I get to announce some winners!!! I was slightly hoping that this post would be delayed because I would be in labor or just had the baby….but not the […]

2011 04/02

Day 20: Baby Books {amazon.com giveaway}

Wow!  The last day of the Virtual Baby Shower.  I hope you had as much fun reading about all these great products as I had writing about them!!!  Remember, you still have until Wednesday, February 9 to enter all the giveaways.  You can see them all on the Virtual Baby Shower page. So, let’s get […]

2011 03/02

Day 19: Zutano {giveaway}

When I first heard that we were having a boy at our ultrasound (after the initial shock wore off), my first thought was SHOPPING!  Not necessarily shopping for the big stuff or necessities…but shopping for boy clothes!!!  Please understand, I’ve been immersed in a world of pink and purple, princesses and butterflies, and sparkles for […]

2011 02/02

Day 18: Go Mama Go {giveaway}

For those of you who have been following along with this “Ready for Baby” Virtual Baby Shower, have I officially freaked you out as new parents yet? I’m so sorry if I have!  Totally not my intention! The tough part with telling you about new and different baby products is that there is a reason […]

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