2011 03/08

Belly Flop

This photo was taken by my husband (see Tim, I did give you credit for it!).  You can join in on more Wordless Wednesday fun at 5MinutesForMom.com.

2011 29/06

Cowgirl. Superhero. Babygirl.

2011 01/06

Boys and their toys

It’s often said….boys will have their toys!

2011 18/05

Don’t pick the tulips

Abbi takes her job as big sister pretty seriously.  So, when we told them that they couldn’t pick the tulips, she was all about making sure Zoe followed the rules. For more Wordless Wednesday fun, check out 5 Minutes for Mom.

2011 20/04

Talon — 2 months already!

I cannot believe that Talon is 2 months old already!  These days he loves giving you his big goofy smile and coo-ing! I love it!!! You can follow along on Talons month-to-month progress on Flickr. Or I’m sure I’ll be posting more pictures here.  Oh, and if you’re curious, he’ll be sporting those fun monthly […]

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