2011 22/12

Baby Wearing Through the Holidays

When you have a baby at home, the Holidays can become a bit more….tricky. Whether you are prepping a big family dinner, setting out hors d’oeuvres for the party with your friends, or crafting with the older kids, it is inevitable that the baby is going to want to be one place — your arms! […]

2011 28/01

Day 15: EcoBuns {giveaway}

I’ve mentioned a time or two or ten here how much I feel like a first time mom when it comes to this baby.  Partly because this is our first boy and I know that brings some different hurdles…keep that thing covered at all times during diaper changing! But also because things have changed quite […]

2011 26/01

Day 13: Belle Baby Carriers

One of the hardest parts about “wearing your baby”, especially in the summer, is staying comfortable and keeping you and your baby from getting too warm.  But the summer months are when I tend to use our baby carriers the most because we’re out and about at the park or on walks. The Belle Baby […]

2011 19/01

Day 8: ERGO Baby Carriers {giveaway}

If you’re a mom on the go or this is your second (or third or fourth) baby, one of the “must-haves” on your list should be a baby carrier!  And, depending on your lifestyle, needs, comfort, and age of your baby, there’s pretty much something for everybody — slings, wraps, carriers, full framed backpacks, and […]

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