2012 24/05

Coffee-creamer isn’t just for your coffee

Confession: I often find myself one ingredient shy of being able to complete a meal or dessert. When this happens I’ll usually forego the whole idea or quickly run to the store. But then there are those times, very rare, that I will use a substitute ingredient. And hope nobody can tell the difference! This […]

2012 16/05

My one cup

I come from a family where the “coffee is always on”. It is not bound by the weather or temperature. It is not dictated by the time on the clock. My grandparents and parents would drink coffee at 9pm on an 85 degree day and not think anything about it. This was my normal. If […]

2011 25/08

I’m not a morning person

We still have two weeks before school starts around here. (I can’t believe it’s only two weeks away!) However, this week, we got a little does of what it will be like with Abbi in Kindergarten. She is took part in KinderCamp, a ‘get you ready for Kindergarten‘ day camp put on by the Outdoor Discover […]

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