2012 06/11

Halloween 2012

What I love about Halloween is that, for us, it is this all encompassing ‘best of fall’ holiday. And it lasts for pretty much the entire month of October!

2011 02/11

A frog and his two princesses

We’ve spent a number of Halloweens with the Folletts since, well, before they were officially “the Folletts”! Before we all had kids, we used to spend our Halloweens going to haunted houses together. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure the first time Tara & Scott met was when we drug them both to […]

2011 06/09

Getting ready for one of my favorite holidays with Kmart Halloween!

As sad as I am to see Summer end, let’s just face it…Fall is AWESOME! Cooler weather. Trees decorated in amazing reds, oranges, and yellows. Apple crisp. And Halloween! Oh yes, Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, coming in second to Christmas. I have a lot of good childhood memories around Halloween. Maybe […]

2010 01/11

Trick or Treat

This seemed like the longest Halloween weekend ever! I think it was mostly due to the fact that our area just couldn’t decide on just one day to do trick-or-treating! Weird, I know. It was a no-brainer for most communities around the country…you trick-or-treat on Halloween night (i.e. Sunday night). But communities in our area […]

2010 28/10

Last Minute Halloween Treat Idea

Growing up I remember my Great Aunt Margie making us these little Halloween treat bags for when we came to her house trick-or-treating. They weren’t anything much but they were special. Different. Just for us. I loved that! As a mom of a preschooler, I love the idea of doing fun little themed treats for […]

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