2015 17/11

Work Boot Storage

It’s amazing how quickly our front porch can become a cluttered heap of shoes and boots! With 5 people coming in and out and the “no work boots in the house” rule, it was high-time to figure out a better storage system!

And when I saw a similar idea on good ol’ Pinterest, I knew what this week’s project would be!

Before we get started, a quite note to say that this would easily work indoors as well if you have the room. Also, you can add another box or crate for hats & mitten storage!


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2015 16/11

Keeping the goats contained

There’s a saying around the goat world that goes: “If your pasture can’t hold water, it won’t hold a goat.”

Seems a bit extreme, right? Except it’s not too far off! Especially when you’re talking about younger goats or small breeds.

When we got our goats earlier this fall, we knew we’d be pasturing them in one of our old horse pastures, surrounded by a wood fence. We also knew that, because our Boxer (Dexter) could easily slide under most of the wood fencing to get into that pasture, that there was  a good chance the little doelings could also slide under to escape the pasture.

So, we spent a few hours before they arrived to add a double line of (non-electric) wire fencing between the bottom fence board and the ground. Super, right? Wrong! Read the rest of this entry…

2015 04/11

Super easy chocolate caramel coconut bars

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I often feel like once November 1st hits, it’s GO TIME! The holiday season has officially started and calendars quickly fill up with dinners and parties and family stuff and school functions and on and on. And, while we really try to keep our holiday season as low key as possible, there’s always going to be the busyness surrounding it.

So, to help keep my sanity during this time, I like to keep as many things as simple as possible. And this recipe is definitely one of them! Only six ingredients and very little prep time, it’s one of my Go-To desserts whenever I need to bring something to an event (family or friend) or send something yummy to school or the office.


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2015 22/10

Keeping the kitties happy this winter

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #MyCatMyMuse #CollectiveBias

With the weather turning colder around here, we’re finding our cats hanging out on the front porch more and more. Especially on those chilly nights and early mornings. Which just baffles me because their home, the barn, is much warmer than our front porch!

So, the kids and I decided to do a little pre-winter prep for the cats and give them a more comfortable sleeping area in the barn and stock up on some winter yummies for them.


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2015 20/10

Halloween preview

I never know what the kids will decide for their Halloween costumes. Some years they know instantly and are very specific. Other years they wait until the last minute or are pretty general.

And while I’m all about reusing items we might have here at home or repurposing some of our old costumes into something new, some years I just need the help of the costume stores. Oh, wait, let me rephrase that….the help of the online costume stores! Because standing in front of that giant  costume selection wall or the racks and racks of costumes at the store with three kids for what seems like FOR-EVAH is not this mama’s idea of a fun time.

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