2016 08/03

Marvel Universe LIVE coming soon to Grand Rapids

Oh, you guys! To say that Talon is excited about this news is putting it mildly! Every time he sees the commercial on tv, he hangs on every second!

“MOM! Did you see Spiderman?”

“MOM! That is the COOLEST thing EVER!”

Of course I’m talking about the new Marvel Universe LIVE show coming to Van Andel Arena! Read the rest of this entry…

2016 08/02

To answer the question

In just a few days my baby will be turning five. FIVE! I can’t even believe how quickly that happened.

And this means that next year, come September, he will be in Kindergarten. And all three of my babies will be in school…all day…five days a week.

Some days I felt like this day would never come but, most days, I can’t believe we are already here.

So, this often brings up the question from others: “What are you going to do next year with all your time? Go back to work?” Read the rest of this entry…

2016 14/01

Now everyone wants to road trip with Adele

As if we couldn’t love Adele anymore, she went and rode shotgun with James Corden for a little “Carpool Karaoke” fun.

Somewhere between her asking James for hair advice and her stories of having a few too many glasses of wine and busting out a little Spice Girls, she has managed to make us love her even more!

2015 17/11

Work Boot Storage

It’s amazing how quickly our front porch can become a cluttered heap of shoes and boots! With 5 people coming in and out and the “no work boots in the house” rule, it was high-time to figure out a better storage system!

And when I saw a similar idea on good ol’ Pinterest, I knew what this week’s project would be!

Before we get started, a quite note to say that this would easily work indoors as well if you have the room. Also, you can add another box or crate for hats & mitten storage!


Read the rest of this entry…

2015 16/11

Keeping the goats contained

There’s a saying around the goat world that goes: “If your pasture can’t hold water, it won’t hold a goat.”

Seems a bit extreme, right? Except it’s not too far off! Especially when you’re talking about younger goats or small breeds.

When we got our goats earlier this fall, we knew we’d be pasturing them in one of our old horse pastures, surrounded by a wood fence. We also knew that, because our Boxer (Dexter) could easily slide under most of the wood fencing to get into that pasture, that there was  a good chance the little doelings could also slide under to escape the pasture.

So, we spent a few hours before they arrived to add a double line of (non-electric) wire fencing between the bottom fence board and the ground. Super, right? Wrong! Read the rest of this entry…

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