2015 19/05

Taking back my time with JORD wood watches

When my poor little watch died about two years ago and could not be revived by a new battery, I decided, “meh! I don’t really need a watch. I have my smartphone on me all the time. I can just use that.” And I have. After all, shopping for a new watch is not something I looked forward to.

But, you guys! I discovered a major flaw in this plan. Sure, it only took me about a year and a half to really realize this but, still. Here’s the problem: When I grab my phone to just “quickly check the time”, I find myself checking other things. It’s so crazy how my fingers quickly tap on over to that Instagram icon or Facebook or Twitter or {gasp!!!} Candy Crush. Next thing you know, my “quick” check of the time has sucked away….ummm…more time than I want to disclose. Read the rest of this entry…

2015 05/05

have your burger & eat it, too…even if you have food allergies {giveaway}

GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED — Congratulations Shelly!

In our house we’re not really allowed to say the phrase “it’s not fair”. Few things drive me battier than when my kids jump into their whiniest of voices and start in on the “it’s not fair” song.

But, this isn’t my house so…


I survived childhood, the teen years, college and post college without suffering at the hands of allergies. And, here I sit, 30+ years old, lamenting the misery of allergies!

Thankfully the world has come along way in the case of allergies and “suffering” isn’t nearly what it used to be. Especially in the case of food allergies. Read the rest of this entry…

2015 24/04

8 ways you can use a rain barrel!

Earlier this week, in honor of Earth Day, I shared a post on the SIMPLE moms all about creating your own Rain Barrel with the help of some rain barrel kits from The RainBarrel Depot. Seriously you guys! They are so easy to put together with these kits! And, if you go check out that post, you can enter to win one of three rain barrel kits that I’m giving away!

But, maybe you’re wondering to yourself: Why would I even want a rain barrel? What could I possibly use it for? 

Well, aside from helping the environment and getting free water, here are 8 ways to use the water you collect from your rain barrel…and it’s not all about gardening! Read the rest of this entry…

2015 16/04

With life comes death, a homesteading lesson

It’s just a chicken. A chicken! 

That’s what I keep telling myself. But I can easily see through the lie. The truth is that none of our animals are just animals. We take them in. We name them. We care for them. We watch them grow. We laugh at their antics. And we mourn their death.

I remember taking the kids to visit Tim’s uncle’s farm a few years ago and they immediately asked him the names of his cows and chickens. He laughed, “You’ll quickly learn, farmers don’t name their animals.”

But we do. Read the rest of this entry…

2015 10/04

DIY :: Cinched Braids

My girls absolutely love this little twist on the standard braid. And, because it’s super easy, I’m happy to oblige!


Read the rest of this entry…

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