2015 12/02

Disney On Ice: Passport To Adventure :: giveaway

It’s not like I was expecting February to magically be all warm, sunny and spring-like. It’s February. It’s still winter. I get it. But this is ridiculous! The days that have managed to shed a smidgen of sunshine have also been bitter cold! So, so cold!

So, you would think I would be dreaming about running away to somewhere warm this month. Sandy beaches. Ocean breezes. But, nope!

Instead we are dreaming about ice….Disney On Ice to be exact!
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2015 06/02

DIY :: barn wood blanket box

So it has taken me so much longer to get this DIY recap to you than it did to do the actual project, all thanks to some issues on the backend of the blog. Some days it’s so much nice to just work with wood than it is technology. If the wood doesn’t cooperate or turn out the way we want, we just toss it in the fire. Not so easy to do when you’re dealing with websites and servers and codes.

But, alas, I bring you the Barn Wood Blanket Box!


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2015 19/01

DIY :: Bathroom Storage

When we moved to this house from our condo, we were leaving behind three full baths with ridiculous amounts of bathroom storage. It was probably the hardest part about moving here. Gloriously obscene amounts of bathroom storage {sigh}.

Now all five of us and and all our bathroom stuff pile into one bathroom that has one small cabinet and a tiny space under the sink. {Yes we have a second bathroom in the house but it’s in Talon’s bedroom…not off his bedroom…IN his bedroom. So we only use that for emergencies.}

The old owners were nice enough to leave behind a small three-tiered wicker corner shelf in the bathroom. In an effort not to spend extra money, we gladly put it to use for the kids toothbrushes, hair brushes, and magazines. But then I started noticing how dirty it was getting. And how not easy wicker is to clean. Especially when my kids manage to goob toothpaste all over the place!  Read the rest of this entry…

2015 08/01

DIY :: pallet clock

With a huge space between our fireplace mantel and the ceiling peak in our house, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how to “fill” that space. Of course I’d love to have a big ol’ moose head mounted up there but I don’t see us jet-setting off to somewhere where we can shoot a moose any time soon. {Instead I settled for this little guy.}

With the moose head on hold, I decided a large clock would look cool up there. Knowing a clock that size (as in, size XL) was not in our budget, I looked for ways to make my own.

First I picked up a large wooden spool used for cable on auction. Should be perfect because it’s already a circle (just need to cut one end off). Then, after getting it home and really sizing it up, I realized that thing is hella heavy!  And just wouldn’t work well for my clock. So, it got repurposed as kids yard toy and, eventually, a winter storage reel for the 500 feet of hose to water my garden. Read the rest of this entry…

2014 14/12

bringing up readers in a digital age

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Rosetta Stone. I received a product and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

There is nothing better than curling up with a good book on a lazy Saturday. Especially on a cold wintery Saturday in front of the fireplace. And, because I love the feeling of actually turning the page of a book to see what happens next, it’s been hard for me to jump into the digital age of reading.

But not so for my kids!

Whether by their choice or just the world they are growing up in, digital books and “reading online” has become normal to them. Maybe even more so than picking up an actual book.

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