2014 18/06

She gave her hair, “Because little girls need hair!”

Since birth Zoe has had lovely thick hair. Straight and golden brown and loved having it long. “Just like Rapunzel, mom!” she would say. We would get it trimmed just before the start of the school year and again at the start of the summer, but, even without the trims, it would stay amazingly healthy. […]

2013 31/05

She graduates.

Last week we celebrated Zoe’s Preschool Graduation. Completely adorable and perfect! Her teachers split the class into four groups and each group performed a play. Where the Wild Things Are, Are You My Mother?, Caps For Sale, and The Rainbow Fish. Zoe was in The Rainbow Fish staring as Rainbow Fish.

2012 03/08

Watch out, Broadway!

I was pretty disappointed when the ballet/tap camp that I signed the girls up for earlier this Summer got cancelled. But not disappointed enough to really look for an alternative. Then they had such a great time with their Princess Science Camp that I thought I should maybe find one more little day camp for […]

2012 27/05

Last day of Preschool

Zoe is a hard kid to read, most days. She’s just so nonchalant  about things. A stark difference from her older sister. So I wasn’t quite sure how she would react to her last day of preschool. Would she cry? Would she be excited? Turns out, she was just Zoe. “Last day of school today? […]

2012 11/04

A Serious Princess turns 4

“Mom, when I grow up I want to be a Princess. A Serious Princess. Not one that lives in a tower. I’m gonna live in a house. Like a castle house. And I’ll come visit you.” That is my Zoe. She is one of a kind and she is going to be a Serious Princess […]

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