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Integrated Content Campaigns vs Product Reviews…

I am not interested in doing a straight-up review of products. I want to tell a story (something from my life) that can incorporate your product! Would you rather read a list of one person’s pros & cons of a product or would you rather read a compelling story about one of my latest parenting blunders and how I was rescued by Product X?

I am very interested in getting companies involved in integrated content campaigns.  These campaigns tie your product into my every day life, introducing my readers to your product in a natural and authentic way.  This gets away from those standard (and boring) regurgitated press-releases (aka. product reviews) and brings something exciting, personal, and different for the readers.  Of course, “integrated” means that we’ll toss in some other social media love!

Types of products that naturally fit into my life and story:

kids’ gear and products
kid toys
kid gadgets
techy stuff
pet products
household products & appliances
lawn & gardening
cars, boats, rvs
other…let’s talk!

Of course I also love passing along these great products to my readers. If you’re interested in adding a Giveaway into your campaign post, we can definitely make that work!

Events & Press Junkets…

If your company is hosting an event tailored toward moms/parents/kids or bloggers, I’d love to hear more about it! I love learning about new products and how they can fit into this parenting world and StaceySays.

Conference Sponsorships…

A big part of being an effective writer is networking with other writers.  This is where blogging and social media conferences and events come into play. They are not only an amazing way to network with other writers, but they are also a great way to represent brands.  Please contact me for details about sponsorships and how I can promote your brand or company at an upcoming conference or event!

There are a lot of possibilities here!  What you receive in exchange for your sponsorship is tailored toward your specific sponsorship and I’m open to discussing different ideas as well!

Advertising on StaceySays…

Yes, we’re open to advertising.  Those options, terms, and costs are tailored to each unique situation.  For more information, please contact me.  I am open to doing an occasional sponsored post.  However, please know that I am committed to keeping this site authentic and maintaining my integrity.  Therefore, I will only support services and products that I believe are a “good fit” for Stacey Says…

Here are a few advertising options:

  • Banner advertising at the bottom of blog posts
  • Life List sponsorship
  • 125×125 ad spot in sidebar
  • 250×250 ad spot in sidebar
  • Ad spot in RSS feed (becoming a very popular advertising option since more and more blog readers are subscribing to blogs via RSS readers)

If you would like to work with me in one of these ways or something else you can dream up, please contact me for more information.


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