2011 23/05

Surviving the Summer

I can’t believe that next week is Memorial Day.  The official start to summer!  Is anyone else super excited?  Anyone terrified?  I’m a good mix of both.  I love the summer and look forward to all that it has to offer.  However, that’s a lot of time to fill with my kids! There are fourteen […]

2010 25/06

Week 4: Get Into The Act

With Toy Story 3  hitting theaters last weekend, I thought this week would be a good time to talk about movies, theater and live stage productions as another great option in the 14 Weeks of Summer series.  Let’s get to it! Theater My husband and I both love the theater.  Since having kids we just […]

2010 17/06

Week 3: Summer School

For a lot of kids, this has been the first full week of sleeping in, no teachers, and no homework!  My daughter actually finished up school over a month ago and has been asking me each week since if she gets to go back to school soon.  I know, she’s kind of a freak of […]

2010 10/06

Week 2: Festivals

It’s really the one of the year when it’s perfectly acceptable to eat your weight in food that has been deep fried and covered in salt, powdered sugar, cinnamon, or whatever else you can get your hands on!  Ahh, good times! Good guilt-free times.  Festival time! I love festivals. If scheduling works out, I try […]

2010 01/06

14 Weeks of Summer

Yesterday we celebrated the Unofficial Start to Summer (aka. Memorial Day) and the weather around here has definitely made it feel like summer, with temps well into the high 80s.  Time to start planning out the summer! My oldest has actually been out of school since the second week of May so we have already […]

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