2011 11/03

Wishes came true

Last night we had the privilege of taking our girls (and Talon, although he slept the entire time) to the Opening Night of Disney On Ice: Princess Wishes!  And, oh boy, that show certainly did not disappoint! Of course princesses were definitely in abundance as we entered Van Andel Arena.  Pretty much every little girl […]

2011 04/03

Disney On Ice: Princess Wishes WINNERS

So far I have managed to keep my girls in the dark that we are going to the Disney On Ice: Princess Wishes show.  It’s been hard though!  Every time they see the commercial on tv they sit in awe.  I cannot wait to see the looks on their faces when we walk into Van […]

2011 25/02

Disney On Ice: Princess Wishes GIVEAWAY!

It is amazing to me how quickly this past week or so has gone by!  It’s been nearly a week since we actually brought Talon home from the hospital and so far everyone is adjusting to life with a baby in the house pretty well.  Actually, the girls have done amazingly well! They have both […]

2011 16/02

Princess Wishes

If you spend more than five minutes with my girls, you’ll quickly realize that they love them some Princesses! They aren’t too picky about which princesses.  They all have a place in their hearts.  And on their clothes.  And their dishes.  And their blankets.  And their toys and dvds.  Sure, they play with other toys […]

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