2011 12/08

The Accidental Gardener

I am not a gardner. But I have a garden. And every year that garden is  total crap shoot! I had high hopes of being this expert gardener. We used our old deck boards to build a garden box in the back corner of the yard, the only spot that got sun. Had it filled […]

2010 27/10

Halloween Memories, new and old

I love Halloween.  I really do.  Despite the bad wrap it often gets as a holiday about evil things and candy (especially in my area), I still love it.  I have good memories of Halloween from growing up, which, if you know my story, is a good thing.  Of course my girls love Halloween as […]

2010 27/09

Pumpkin Thieves

It all started this past Spring.  Abbi really wanted to plant pumpkins in the garden again this year (last year’s pumpkins really didn’t grow).  So, she picked out the seeds, planted the seeds, and watered them all summer.  She watched as the vines grew.  As the flowers bloomed.  And as the flowers yielded to little […]

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